Blue Bear and Snow Toad, A Wintery Tale



Winter has arrived, and two unusual creatures are still outside. Bear and Toad should hibernate, but, like children balking at bedtime, they beg to stay up late.

"Silly creatures," says a snowshoe hare. "Why are you here instead of down there?" Ah, the two freezing creatures say, we've yet to experience a day of wintry white and enjoy the season's sounds, scents, and sights.

It's a wonderful way to take that end of day energy your toddler or young child may have and channel it into a meaningful bed time story. 

Myers3203, Amazon review

In this sweet bedtime story, the negative “I won't go to sleep” is transformed into the very positive “I want to know more.”

Bobby Onas, Amazon review

The author has written a captivating story that the kids want to read over and over again.

Charles, Amazon review

So gather the little ones, grab a warm throw, and snuggle together to read this treasure of a story!

Emmaree Josephson, Amazon review



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