Sidekicks! cover


Heroes and heroines perform world shaking deeds, but sidekicks? Sidekicks are the unseen glue holding those powerhouses together. They are the backbones. They are the voices of reason. 

It's long past time for them to shine.

This anthology features "The Gold Mask’s Menagerie" by Chanté McCoy:

B.B. doesn’t have narcolepsy; she just leaves her body and melds her mind with an animal’s. This talent allows her to stalk a love interest, only to come to the rescue in a moment of daring do. From there, their partnership grows: the Gold Mask and her animal companion du jour. 

"This is an amazingly even collection which gathers together a number of extremely talented writers giving us their best efforts. In other words, it deserves 5 stars, if for no other reason, than because of the even quality of the fiction throughout." - Randall Lemon, Amazon review


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