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Kicking Ass and Taking Names

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

Why should the super heroes get all the glory?

Coming out from the shadows, Sidekicks! puts the spotlight on their spandexed counterpoints who buttress them with awesome moves, clever insights, technology know-how, and often a sense of humor.

I personally find them more relatable. Like, if I had a flying chance in Hell, I’d be the cheeky sidekick…since I don’t have any special powers (e.g., Superman and his ilk) or an infinite supply of cash to buy cool toys (e.g, Batman, Iron Man, et. al.). However, I can manage a costume.

The Table of Contents shows a great line-up of tales, including one from yours truly:

Introduction – Alasdair Stuart

Coffee and Collaborators – Patrick Tomlinson

Hunter and Bagger – Alex Bledsoe

Alex and the OCD Oracle – D. Robert Hamm

Quintuple-A – Nayad Monroe

Hero – Kathy Watness

Fangirl – Stephen Lickman

After the Party – Graham Storrs

Learning the Game – Michael Haynes

Doomed – K.W. Taylor

In the Shadow of His Glory – Bill Bodden

Second Banana Republic – Donald J. Bingle

The Balance Between Us – Alexis A. Hunter

The Decent Thing To Do – Daniel R. Robichaud

The Minion’s Son – Daniel O’Riordan

The Old West – Matt Betts

Worthy – M.E. Garber

Relic of the Red Planet – Neal F. Litherland

The Gold Mask’s Menagerie – Chanté McCoy

A Recipe for Success – Alana Lorens

At Your Service – Kelly Swails

Sidekicks! is available on Amazon (paperback and Kindle ebook).

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