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Don’t Let the Demons Get You Down

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

Looking at the calendar,* I’m overdue for an update on the writing scene.

The update:

In May, my third and final installment in the Crimson Pact anthology Greek series was published. “The Third Eye” completes the tale that began with young Phideas fleeing down from the Meteora.

In the second installment, “Body or Soul,” Phideas ultimately finds Darrius Papadas. Now, despite the efforts of said Darrius Papadas, a demon has come into the world.

His failures don’t stop there. Unable to convince the Athenian government to rally the troops, the guilt-ridden Darrius works his way home…only to face the demon again.

I hope you've enjoyed the series. As I've mentioned before, anthologies are a great way to explore a genre, discover other writers, and pass hours with a variety of stories.

In “The Interview,” published in March in Short Sips: Coffee House Flash Fiction Collection 2,  Monica is accused of crimes she cannot recall.

Behind bars, she believes she may be crazy, perhaps suffering from dissociative identity disorder. The truth and her predicament are made clear when her cohort in crime clarifies a few points. Ah, yes, demons are involved.

Yet another demon, Iorangi, is featured in “Career Calling,” which was published last month in Big Pulp.

I love Iorangi. He has spunk. And, if you've every wondered why demons do what they do, he’s more than straight up explaining his career choice.

That covers the demon scene. I haven’t written any more tales about those supernaturals, so no more are coming down the publishing pike in the foreseeable future.

As for zombies, I’m on a roll. Brains, anyone?


*Originally published July 15, 2012

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