The Crimson Pact, Vol 5 cover
The Crimson Pact: Volume Five

ISBN: 0985003847

Read a story from New York Times’ bestselling author Larry Correia and Hugo Award-nominated Steven Diamond. Enjoy short fiction from: Bram Stoker Award-nominated Lawrence C. Connolly; Writers of the Future Award Winners Bradley P. Beaulieu and Brad R. Torgersen; I-CON Innovative Game Design Award Winner George Strayton; and fiction from the Hugo and Campbell Award-nominated Dan Wells, author of the highly regarded I Am Not A Serial Killer and co-host of the Writing Excuses Podcast.

Chanté McCoy also returns, this time with a tale from ancient Persia: "The Search for Crystalized Ginger."

"This is an amazingly even collection which gathers together a number of extremely talented writers giving us their best efforts. In other words, it deserves 5 stars, if for no other reason, than because of the even quality of the fiction throughout." - Randall Lemon, Amazon review


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