The Crimson Pact, Vol 3 cover
The Crimson Pact: Volume Three


"Almost 30 years later The Crimson Pact supplants Clive Barker's Books of Blood series as the modern compendium of fantasy horror short stories... Like the viewers of the classic Twilight Zone and Outer Limits television series, each reader is bound to have their own favorites. Whether you buy these for yourself or someone else, any horror, suspense, or dark fiction fan should enjoy the collection." - Lance Roth at

"The Third Eye," included in this volume, completes the Greek Trilogy of Crimson Pact tales by Chanté McCoy:

Despite the efforts of Darrius Papadas, a demon has come into the world. His failures don’t stop there. Unable to convince the Athenian government to rally the troops, the guilt-ridden Darrius works his way home…fearful of facing the demon again. 


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