The Crimson Pact, Vol 2 cover
The Crimson Pact: Volume Two


If you enjoy Jim Butcher's Dresden Files; Terry Brooks' Running with Demons (Word and the Void) and Armageddon's Children (Genesis of Shannara Trilogy); Demon Moon in The Guardian Series by Meljean Brook, Larry Correia's Monster Hunter International, or Patricia Briggs When Demons Walk, you will love the Crimson Pact series.

This anthology features the continuation of Chanté McCoy's "Inside Monastic Walls" with the literally gut-wrenching follow-up short story, "Body and Soul":


On the verge of birthing, Phideas continues to search for Darrius Papadas. Instead of finding a priest, he finds a blasphemous goat herder who says that Phideas’ protruding stomach is no miracle. Now Phideas must decide whether to save his life or save his soul. 

"If you like demons and dark fantasy, if you love the constant struggle of good against evil (or at least human vs. something clawed and taloned), an endless eternal war between humanity and hellborn, then this is definitely the anthology for you." - Pippa Jay of


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