Blue Bear and Snow Toad cover

Blue Bear and Snow Toad

Winter has arrived, and two unusual creatures are still outside. ​ ​

Sidekicks! cover


The most important characters don't always get top billing...

The Crimson Pact, Vol 3 cover

The Crimson Pact, Vol 3

The Greek Trilogy concludes, as Father Darius races to save Kalambaka.

Dark Moon Digest cover

Dark Moon Digest

For fans of horror, this is THE pulp magazine for horror.

Seven White Wolves cover

Seven White Wolves

Tomorrow, Veleda will die. Her father condemned her to burn in the fires of Modranicht, Mother’s Night.

The Crimson Pact, Vol 1 cover

The Crimson Pact, Vol 1

The demons have been unleashed across the worlds.

The Crimson Pact, Vol 5 cover

The Crimson Pact, Vol 5

Be careful of what you unleash in dark cellars.

Big Pulp cover

Big Pulp

For exciting, challenging and thought-provoking fiction and poetry...

Eighth Day GenesisA Worldbuilding Codex for Writers and Creatives cover

Eighth Day Genesis

You want to build world? Here's what to consider and incorporate to make it feel real. ​

The Crimson Pact, Vol 2 cover

The Crimson Pact, Vol 2

What happened to Phideas? The Greek Trilogy continues.

Dead Walk Again cover

Dead Walk Again

The zombies have risen and humanity takes its first steps into a strange new world.

Short Sips cover

Short Sips

For a quick read with a selection of 99 choices.



In addition to Seven White Wolves and Blue Bear and Snow Toad, Chanté has various short stories featured in anthologies and magazines. Her short stories fall under the Fantasy genre, covering fiction with magical or supernatural elements, including horror.


Don't be scared. Her horror stories are infused with humor.


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